United States Of America Flag Orb How to Save a Life- a Conor Dwyer Fan Fiction
How to Save a Life- a Conor Dwyer Fan Fiction

Anonymous asked: "Do you know when you'll be updating again? :) xxxxxxxxx"

I’ve had half the chapter written for a long time now haha but I’ve been too busy to finish it! I’m going to be in Texas for the next couple of days, but once I get home, I’ll probably finish it up and post it :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: "I was also at the Bulldog Grand Slam Final on Sunday and managed to take a picture with him and Chase. He seemed pretty quiet and aloof, but Chase was really sweet and talkative! I'm also not a swimmer - it was definitely awkward asking him for a picture, but he obliged and I was a little flustered! He looks exactly like he does in pictures, which is handsome! Perhaps that 3rd place finish in the 100 m free disappointed him - it's probably not you."

Maybe I saw you there if we were there at the same time! I felt like such an imposter asking for a pic since almost everyone else was a swimmer but I’m glad you agree with me about his attitude! And you’re right, it probably isn’t personal at all. Hope you had fun Sunday! :)

Anonymous asked: "Hey down below i noticed that you said that you saw cute schmelps action..?? Im kind of confused, are they a couple? Thank you xx"

Hey! No I don’t think they’re dating but a lot of people on here wish they would date, myself included! They’re really good friends and their friendship is just adorable. They were warming down together after their races and that was the “action” I was referring to :)

Anonymous asked: "What were you doing in Greece? Haha"

No silly Athens Georgia! It’s where UGA is located and it’s nothing remotely like Greece lol. The only Greeks there are on fraternity row :)

Anonymous asked: "What did you guys say to him ? Im sorry he wasn't nice, he should know how to talk to people even if they don't swim"

Oh don’t worry about it! Maybe he was cranky cuz he didn’t swim that well in the meet 😬lol. I was too star struck to even say anything! My entire mouth went dry and I thought I was having a heart attack which was really scary. I think I managed to say thank you after the photo and maybe a hey.

Anonymous asked: "For example, I once met some of Conor's brothers at a meet, and they were very antisocial and guarded. Polite but didn't really want to do with anybody else. I then met them again about a year later in Winnetka by chance, and they were such gentlemen, laughing, smiling, and holding doors open. Unfortunately, it seems that they base their attitude towards you on their judgments of you /:"

That’s really cool you’ve met his brothers twice but that’s strange their actions were so different both times you met them! They always seemed like a nice family from their social media posts

Anonymous asked: "I went to the US Nats last year and found that Ricky Berens was the nicest Olympian.Ryanand Nathan were also very polite and appreciative of their fans, but it's Ricky who actually would have an engaging conversation with you. And Conor was nowhere to be seen off deck. Apparently he went straight back to the hotel after his race, so....... The Dwyer family is a very stereotypical reserved North Shore family, as in you have to be of that upper class or recognition for them to be fully opened to u"

Ricky definitely seems like a people person! Maybe Conor’s somewhat of an introvert who just can’t be around people all the time? I didn’t know that about North Shore families either! Living in the South I’m used to polite, hospitable people everywhere.

Anonymous asked: "Oh really??? Hmm, that sucks :/ He always comes across in interviews and stuff as really nice and stuff. HOPEFULLY it was only a one off or something... :/ Make Hadley cheat on him... ;) haha xxxxxxxx"

I don’t think he’s a mean person it was just the end of a long weekend for him and he did have to travel home! I’m not mad at him but it does suck when you build it up in your head to be awesome then that happens :( And haha the story is almost over so I can’t make that happen unfortunately,

Anonymous asked: "I am even more jelly of you right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha. <3"


Haha don’t be!! Watching the meet was fun but meeting him wasn’t at all like I hoped :(

He was a little rude to us! I think it was because we weren’t swimmers so he wasn’t sure what to say. But he was really quick with the photo and kept calling back to his teammates about when they were going to leave

Anonymous asked: "I am even more jelly of you right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha. <3"

Haha don’t be!! Watching the meet was fun but meeting him wasn’t at all like I hoped :(

With Conor Dwyer featuring a derping Chase Kalisz

With Conor Dwyer featuring a derping Chase Kalisz

Just witnessed cute Schmelps action and a Dwyer deck change during warm downs 😱😱😱

Ryan Lochte swimming warm ups at the bulldog grand slam

Anonymous asked: "I'm so jelly of you going to the meet ;) How long is it for?xxxxx"

Haha thanks! I’m just going to the finals tonight! It’s the last day of the meet. Hopefully I get to meet everybody :)

Headed to Athens today to see Ryan, Conor, Michael, Schmitty, and the rest of the gang! So excited!! :)