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How to Save a Life- a Conor Dwyer Fan Fiction

Anonymous asked: "Hey! Thank you for the chapters and keep 'em coming cause I can not wait to see what happens between these two!! (Hopefully some steamy sex and more drama) have a nice spring break:)))"

Hey! You’re very welcome! I love how polite y’all are haha. There will definitely be steamy scenes coming up ;) hope you enjoy! :)

thisisalba asked: "I am going to die! What a chapter :) please update soon!"

I’m hoping to update soon! Probably Thursday or Friday!

alexanicolemorgan asked: "YES FINALLY! I'm so happy with the ending!"

Aww good I’m glad y’all liked it! :)

Anonymous asked: "AHHHHHHH. Such a cliff hanger!!!! I can't wait to see which way this goes"

AHHH we shall soon see!

Anonymous asked: "Had a cheeky little log on to see if there was any news about updating, only to find a brand new chapter there waiting for me!! Lush surprise! Keep them coming! ;) UK love. xxx"

Haha I’m glad you enjoyed it!! America love :) xx

How to Save a Life- Chapter Forty

Finn might be a complainer, but he was right when he said that swim meets last forever. They’re certainly not quick sporting events, given how many people compete and how many events make up the competition. But nonetheless, the Rogers family sits waiting patiently to watch Rosie Rogers swim. The 100 free, her best event and one of the most exciting races of the day, is the last one Rosie will be swimming. Prior to that, my youngest swam the 200 free, the 200 IM, and the 4x100 free relay all of which went very well; she earned first place in the 200 free and the free relay and third in the 200 IM.

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Chapter update tomorrow night! It’s a long one :)

(Not my gif but enjoy the cuteness) 

alexanicolemorgan asked: "I'm so glad you updated! :) I've missed this story :)"

I know I’m sorry it took so long! I’ll try my best not to make y’all wait another month for an update again haha :)

Anonymous asked: "Aw. Stayed up and logged on to see this (UK time). Cute chapter. :) Thanks for updating! (and making it a long one! haha) Much love.xx"

Aww that means a lot you stayed up late just to read the chapter! And thank you so much my UK reader :)

How to Save a Life- Chapter Thirty Nine

My youngest daughter is smart enough to know that you should never reveal your hand before you play it. She knows it would be in everybody’s best interests if she kept fact that she knew about Hadley and Conor’s breakup a secret from Hadley. If Rosie wants any prayer of getting the two of them back together again, she needs Hadley to be in the dark as much as possible.

After her grueling yet rewarding swim practice, Rosie collapses onto the passenger seat of Hadley’s car.

“Tough practice, huh kiddo?” Hadley asks, surveying her sister’s damp hair and exhausted posture.

“You have no idea” Rosie replies. “He worked me hard today, but I needed to be. I haven’t been in the water since before Thanksgiving.”

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Anonymous asked: "When are you updating??? :( I've been reading through the past chapters to remind myself of what's happened!! Think you should write an extra long chapter ;)"

Aww I know I’m so sorry it’s been almost a month since the last update! But I’m currently writing Chapter 39 right now! Spring break started finally! :) 

I deeply apologize to all of my lovely readers for not updating HTSAL in a couple of weeks. School always gets very hectic right before spring break. I’ll try my best to update ASAP, but as soon as spring break starts on April 5, y’all can expect an update for sure. My apologies again, and thank you all for being patient and understanding :)

Why does it seem like Conor Dwyer is in NYC pretty much every weekend?


Lol at the caption/comment

Anyone else loving this fratty side of Conor?


Lol at the caption/comment

Anyone else loving this fratty side of Conor?